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Try our luxuriously smooth Devon Potato Vodka

Try our luxuriously smooth Devon potato vodka

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Cove Vodka and daisies in Hope Cove, Devon





We create exceptional Devon potato vodka

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I think this is a fantastic vodka that shows how the effort that goes into making potato vodka can really pay off. On the nose Cove Vodka has a light aroma with a hint of spice and cream. To taste, you get a lovely smooth vodka with an initial hit of lime that evolves into green apple. Vanilla provides a hint of sweetness alongside the spice.

Chris Bird, The Pig at Combe

A delicious smooth style of Vodka with slight grassy notes and light sea notes on the nose. A beautiful slight citrus on the palate, which creates a beautiful texture and mouth fill. A long finish with slight coffee notes towards the end. I’ve tried a lot of spirits but this is something special.

Joshua Stewart. Head Bartender, The Plymouth Gin Refectory Bar

Vodka is all about finesse. The nuances of flavour, combined with real smoothness and a lingering finish, are what we have conjured out of these potatoes. A vodka to sip, and by no means in a hurry: lime and cream on the nose, and a light fresh apple finish.

Dr John Walters, Director, English Spirit Master Distillers



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