• Cosmopolitan Cocktail Kit
    The Cosmopolitan Cocktail is deliciously sweet and sour and absolutely perfect for parties and celebrations. This fabulous combination of vodka, cranberry, orange liqueur and citrus is a good time in a glass. Our cocktail kits contains premium quality ingredients and instructions to make 4 Cosmopolitan Cocktails. You just need ice, lime and something to shake in.
  • Vodka Liqueur and Prosecco Cocktail Kit Devon Cove - Cove Royale Prosecco Cocktail Kit
    Our Cove Royale Cocktail Kit is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys a glass of bubbly. It’s Devon’s take on a Kir Royale and includes a 20cl bottle of our divinely fruity Cove Damson Liqueur and 2 x 20cl bottles of Prosecco. Simple to make and fabulous to drink. Each kit makes 4 cocktails and you’ll have most of the bottle of Damson Liqueur left to enjoy.
  • Vodka Martini Cocktail Kit
    Whether you like your Martini dry / wet, shaken or stirred you’ll love our Cove Cocktails Vodka Martini kit. As well as including all the key ingredients to make a delicious Martini our cocktail kit also includes a copper garnish stick to make your Martini look fabulous. You’ll just need a Martini glass, ice and something to shake / stir it in.
  • Cove Damson Vodka Liqueur Gift Set and Salcombe Dairy Chocolate Gift Set
    Our Cove Damson Liqueur and Salcombe Dairy Bean to Bar gift set makes the perfect treat for grown-ups. Our 20cl bottle of divinely fruity Damson Liqueur tastes great on its own and is fabulous in a glass of Champagne. Salcombe Dairy’s 80g Bean to Bar Dark Chocolate is made with 70% organic Peruvian cacao and is handmade in Salcombe, Devon. Suitable for vegans.
  • Coffee Liqueur Miniature
    Our 5cl bottle of Cove Coffee Liqueur is great if you’d like to experience its luxurious, velvety taste without buying a large bottle. We have combined fresh Salcombe Brew dark roast coffee beans with our Devon Potato Vodka to create a full bodied and decadently delicious liqueur. It also makes a lovely little gift for friends or family. Or maybe a cracker or stocking filler. Our 5cl bottle contains 2 shots of Coffee Liqueur – just enough to enjoy over ice or to make a cocktail with.
  • Cove Vodka 5cl at The Cove, Hope Cove
    Enjoy a taste of Devon with our award-winning Cove Vodka miniature and Salcombe Dairy Bean to Bar Dark Chocolate Gift Bag. Suitable for Vegans and gluten free.
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