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Cove Vodka Mini Potato Sacks


Our Cove Vodka Mini Potato Sacks make a fabulous and fun gift for Christmas. Each hessian sack is hand printed with the Cove Vodka logo and contains a 5cl bottle of our luxuriously smooth Devon Potato Vodka.

1 sack = £8, 2 sacks = £15

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Our Cove Vodka Potato Sacks contain a gift-wrapped 5cl bottle of Cove Vodka. Each hessian sack is hand printed with the Cove Vodka logo and tied with a festive red and white ribbon and hand-printed gift tag. The sacks are based on miniature versions of the potato sacks that would have been used traditionally. Hessian sacks are still a great way of keeping potatoes fresh as they provide a dry, dark environment in which potatoes can still breathe.  

More about our vodka

Cove Vodka is exceptionally smooth and made from King Edward potatoes, lovingly grown on our family farm overlooking Hope Cove, Devon and Devon spring water. Our copper pot, single distilled vodka is handcrafted in an artisan distillery using the finest ingredients to ensure its smooth, luxurious taste.

The key to a great vodka is a really smooth vodka. Using potatoes enables you to create an exceptionally smooth and creamy vodka which is exquisite on its own or with a mixer; hence why potato vodka is often the first choice for connoisseurs.

The only ingredients that go into our vodka are our potatoes grown in the fresh sea air, Devon Spring Water and a little yeast and enzymes added during fermentation. It’s as pure, clean and wholesome as a vodka can be. What’s more, the carbs in the potatoes don’t translate into the vodka so it’s exceptionally low carb and there is no added sugar either. It’s about as low in calories as an alcoholic drink can be.

Our Cove Vodka Mini Potato Sacks make a great gift for anyone that enjoys a tipple at Christmas. 

1 unit = 25ml. 2 units per bottle

Please enjoy responsibly.

1 sack = £8, 2 sacks = £15

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