Cove Hazelnut Liqueur 5cl

Cove Hazelnut Liqueur 5cl


Cove Caramelised Hazelnut Liqueur is an enticing combination of buttery dark chocolate, hazelnut and cream, followed by fragrant praline and honey, with a rich milk chocolate nutty finish. We have combined fresh Hazelnuts with our Devon Potato Vodka to create a deliciously liqueur. Our vodka is created using King Edward Potatoes grown on our family farm overlooking Hope Cove.

Gorgeous served simply over ice, layered with single cream and sipped or mixed with a latte or hot chocolate.


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Our 5cl bottle of Cove Hazelnut Liqueur is great if you’d like to experience its delicious caramelised hazelnut taste without buying a large bottle. It also makes a lovely little gift for friends or family. Our 5cl bottle contains 2 shots of Hazelnut Liqueur – just enough to enjoy over ice or to sip with a latte or hot chocolate.

1 unit = 40ml. 5 units per bottle

Please enjoy responsibly.




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