Cove Hazelnut Liqueur 50cl

Cove Hazelnut Liqueur 50cl


Cove Caramelised Hazelnut Liqueur is an enticing combination of buttery dark chocolate, hazelnut and cream, followed by fragrant praline and honey, with a rich milk chocolate nutty finish. We have combined fresh Hazelnuts with our Devon Potato Vodka to create a deliciously liqueur. Our vodka is created using King Edward Potatoes grown on our family farm overlooking Hope Cove.


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Our 50cl bottle of Cove Hazelnut Liqueur is perfect for sharing with friends and family. Gorgeous served simply over ice, layered with single cream and sipped or mixed with a latte or hot chocolate. It is a lovely gift and comes in a stylish glass bottle with a wooden cork, meaning that you can easily reseal the bottle after use.





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