Cove Cocktail Club 6 Month Subscription, pay upfront

Cove Cocktail Club 6 Month Subscription, pay upfront


Have  fun making delicious cocktails at home with our Cove Cocktails Subscription Service. It’s perfect for anyone that loves cocktails and loves to receive a surprise in the post. Each month we’ll send out a delicious cocktail kit with all the key ingredients you need to make amazing cocktails at home, plus detailed instructions. Our kits makes a minimum of 4 cocktails and includes either our award Cove Vodka or Cove Damson Liqueur and premium spirits / mixers. All you’ll need is glasses, ice, fresh ingredients and something to shake it in.

This makes a great gift for friends and family.


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Get a different luxury cocktail kit delivered to your door at the beginning of each month. Our 6 month subscription also makes and excellent gift for friends of family.

The Cove Cocktail Club

  • A Free gift in your first box
  • A different cocktail each month with award-winning Cove Vodka and luxury ingredients
  • Detailed instructions and video of how to make each cocktail
  • Free tracked delivery
  • Exclusive member discounts
  • Previews of new products, cocktail kits and gift boxes

Here’s some of our most popular Cove Cocktail Kits

  • Espresso Martini
  • Cosmopolitan
  • French Martini
  • Classic Martini with Olives
  • Moscow Mule
  • Cove Royale – Proseeco and Cove Damson Liqueur

New cocktails will be added to our selection on a regular basis.

Cove Vodka – our award-winning vodka made using King Edward potatoes, lovingly grown on our family farm overlooking Hope Cove in Devon. Our copper pot, single distilled vodka is handcrafted in an artisan distillery, made only from the finest ingredients, to ensure its smooth, luxurious taste. Sip neat, or serve over ice with chilled soda and fresh lime, or enjoy in your favourite cocktail.

Cove Damson Liqueur is divinely fruity and exceptionally smooth. We have combined ripe Westcountry damsons with our Devon Potato Vodka to create a luxuriously rich, delicious liqueur. We recommend serving Cove Damson Liqueur chilled on its own, or in a glass of Champagne. Say hello to Devon’s take on the Kir Royale.

Our Cove Coffee Liqueur is luxuriously rich and velvety. We have combined fresh Salcombe Brew dark roast coffee beans with our Devon Potato Vodka to create a full bodied and decadently delicious liqueur. Our small batch vodka is created using King Edward Potatoes grown on our family farm overlooking Hope Cove. We recommend serving Cove Coffee Liqueur over ice, in an Espresso Martini or in your favourite coffee.

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