King Edwards Potatoes Cove Vodka

The potato has to be one of the most versatile and delicious foods out there. Let me explain.

There are times in life when a bowl of creamy mash, a plate of hand cut chips or a bag of hand cooked crisps are just what you need. And then… there are Mum’s roast potatoes! I could go on and on. I’m not sure if my love of potatoes is from growing up surrounded by them or if it’s just because Lidstone’s Potatoes taste so great.  Over 50 years of experience, the rich South Devon soil, the gentle maritime climate and a lot of passion are a true recipe for success.

Affectionately known by my friends as the ‘Potato Princess’ at university, I made sure we always had plenty of potatoes to fill us up so we could spend our money on going out. Since then, our potatoes have come in handy for thanking friends for favours and for Christmas gifts. Nothing says thank you like a gift of home grown goodness. However, it was only very recently I realised what an important part of my life potatoes are.

King Edwards Potatoes Cove Vodka

After deciding on a change of career, my family suggested I joined the family business. I jokingly replied, ‘Only if you fancy making vodka out of potatoes.’ And so the seed was planted. It was time to bring together a few of my favourite things – potatoes, family, vodka and marketing and make my own vodka.

I spent a long time learning about vodka making – I peeled potatoes (something which I was quite experienced in), grated potatoes, cooked potatoes, fermented potatoes and distilled potatoes. I was helped along the way by friends and colleagues who had a lot more knowledge than I did – and of course I returned the favour with a supply of spuds. After a couple of years of learning and developing and tasting and improving, ‘Cove Vodka’ was created. The result is a luxuriously smooth and creamy vodka with a hint of sweetness from the potatoes. I couldn’t be happier with the result and cannot wait to share Cove Vodka wide and far.

Now I can enjoy our potatoes on my plate and in my glass. 

Plus – they’re grown locally, low in fat, carbs and sugar, vegan and gluten free. What’s not to love?

Cove Vodka on Breakwater in Hope Cove, Devon