Leanne drinking a Cove Vodka Cocktail at Burgh Island

How I drink vodka and what vodka I drink has changed significantly since my first few sneaky snips as a teenager. In the past my vodka would be in a glass of coke, orange juice or sugary cocktail. Now I have learnt to appreciate that a great quality spirit is perfect on its own.

What – no mixer?

There is absolutely no need to add a mixer to a premium vodka. A great vodka should be pure, clear, smooth and perfect for sipping. Our aim with Cove Vodka was to create a vodka from natural local ingredients in a traditional way that tastes divine straight from the bottle.

20cl Devon Cove Vodka

But it is fun to mix

Although a good vodka is just perfect on its own, vodka is also one of the most versatile drinks behind the bar and is perfect for cocktails. You may ask ‘why put a decent vodka in a cocktail as you won’t taste it’, however I like to think it’s like any recipe that you make. If you use good quality ingredients and follow the recipe you get amazing results.

Here’s a few of our favourites

  • Our perfect serve – Vodka, soda and a squeeze of fresh lime
  • Espresso Martini
  • Cove Vodka Tom Collins – lemon juice, sugar syrup and soda

Don’t forget the snacks

Traditionally vodka is enjoyed with a variety of small dishes – a sip and a bite and a sip. Dishes that are smoked, pickled or cured are the most popular. Here are a few suggestions to try out – Cavier, smoked fish blinis, pickled herring and warm potato, pickled cucumber with dill, capers, creamy salted cheese, beetroot, Rye break, Greek or Turkish Mezze, smoked sausage and Russian salad.

Thank you to Janey Syrett of Feast Kitchen for the photos of her fabulous tapas.

We love tradition

At Devon Cove we love tradition. Here are a few of our favourite vodka drinking traditions:

  • Serve really cold or straight from the freezer
  • Always celebrate and toast when you’re drinking
  • Drink with friends – although currently only 6 or via zoom
  • Never leave an open bottle – you must drink it all. Fortunately we do a variety of sizes or this could get messy!
  • Have a little snack between sips