We had the most magical Monday at Burgh Island. Our day started with a mad dash to Bigbury to get the sea tractor to Burgh Island to take our first round of cocktail photographs for Cove Vodka.

Having visited Burgh Island a few months before and experienced the magic of the place and the incredible customer service, it was a dream come true to go back for the launch photography for Cove Vodka. It’s not just the experience of getting the sea tractor, the spectacular views, the incredible art deco interior and tokens of time gone by that makes it such a special place, it has something extra special about it that makes you feel invigorated and excited. You have to visit to experience it for yourself.

You can’t help but be excited by the sea tractor. It makes you feel like a kid again, watching the waves lapping across the tyres and listening to the churn of the engine. Once at Burgh Island Hotel, we were made to feel incredibly welcome and at home. Within minutes we were enjoying the view and the décor and felt like we had been whisked away on holiday. The Palm Court Bar is so stunning and unique and we couldn’t wait to get started on the cocktails, but thought it best to opt for coffee first as it was only 10am.

Let the cocktail making commence

Viktor, our bartender for the morning, arrived and we selected some cocktails that he had created just for Burgh Island. We watched Viktor carefully create the most beautiful and delicious cocktails. First, we went for a Classic Martini – a nice and simple cocktail to showcase the luxurious smoothness of Cove Vodka. In true Burgh Island style, we opted for stirred (they never shake a Martini), served with a twist of lemon. It was simply stunning.

The best cocktail I’ve ever tasted

Lychee Blush Cove Vodka Cocktail at Burgh Island

Next up was what has to be the most incredible cocktail I have ever tasted – The Lychee Blush. It’s a blissful concoction of fresh lychee juice, fresh lemon juice, vodka and rose syrup, garnished with fresh rose petals. It was the most beautiful, delicate blush pink and tasted divine.

Then there was The Royal Fizz – another cocktail created by Viktor just for Burgh Island guests. A generous serving of vodka, lime, cucumber bitters and Mediterranean tonic, garnished with peppercorns and a slice of an entire length of cucumber makes for a very refreshing and eye-catching drink.

The beautiful stained-glass bar and the stained-glass domed ceiling made for the most perfect setting for enjoying cocktails. We were incredibly well looked after by Viktor and loved learning how to make the cocktails. We will certainly be heading back to celebrate special occasions in style.

And then there’s The Pilchard

We were a little sad to leave after such an incredible morning so decided to stop off at the Pilchard Inn Café for crab sandwiches and coffee on the way home. It is definitely on my list of favourite days.

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